Parking areas and shuttle buses in La Spezia

Our city has 2 free interchange parking lots aimed at smoothing the flows into and out of the city center.

The car parks are located in ideal points for those coming from outside the city and intending to reach the main points of attraction (city center, hospital, railway station, Kennedy center, etc.).

The two interchange parking lots are served through the upgrading of Lines 1 and 14:

to and from the Piazza d'Armi interchange parking, it is necessary to view the timetable for Line 14.

to and from the Palaspezia car park, please note that Line 1 runs a few meters away (Via del Canaletto). On the booklet it is possible to view some of the lines of Line 1 which also pass through the Palaspezia car park.

Click here for the timetable.

Both connections can be used with a regular subscription or with the single ticket code 00.
On the page below, all the information on tickets.