Parking areas and shuttle buses in La Spezia

Our city has 2 free interchange parking lots aimed at smoothing the flows into and out of the city center.

The car parks are located in ideal points for those coming from outside the city and intending to reach the main points of attraction (city center, hospital, railway station, Kennedy center, etc.).

The two interchange parking lots will be served, starting from 1 December 2021, through the upgrading of Lines 1 and 14.

In particular:

LINE 14: all weekday runs of the line will no longer terminate in Pegazzano but will be extended, after passing through Largo San Michele, to Piazza D’Armi where they will stop. The return trips to Valdellora will therefore pass through Via Baracchini indi Due Giugno – Centro Città. On holidays the service of the line will remain the one currently in force.

Line 14 (departure times from Piazza d’Armi)

LINE 1: from Monday to Saturday the races departing from Pegazzano in the range 07.00 – 09.00 will no longer reach Bragarina but after passing through Via Federici they will terminate at the Palasport Roundabout, from which they will the return trips to the city center.

The connection to and from Bragarina in the aforementioned area will be guaranteed with direct runs departing from Piazza Chiodo.

In the remaining hours and holidays, the line service will remain the one currently in force.

Linea 1 (departure times from the Palasport)

Both connections can be used with a regular subscription or with the single ticket code 00.
On the page below, all the information on tickets.