Travel regulations


Passengers can use buses only if provided with regular tickets or travelcards. Single tickets or books of 10 single tickets must be stamped upon getting on the bus. Always check your ticket after validation to make sure it is correct. In case the stamping machine is out of order, passengers must go to the driver and let him know: the driver will manually validate the ticket. Tickets must be carried unaltered for the duration of the journey, can not be given to other passengers and must be produced to all ATC staff upon request.

Single tickets can be purchased in different ways:

  • At our Ticket Offices in La Spezia and Sarzana;
  • At private authorized ATC retailers on the territory;
  • Via mobile phone text messages;
  • On our website ;
  • At any post office on the territory;
  • Via the APP “DropTicket”;
  • At ATC ticket machines placed in the territory;
  • At some parking meters placed in La Spezia city centre – those tickets are valid for 75 minutes from the moment they are printed.

CHILDREN ON BOARD: Children not taller than 1,15 cm travel free of charge and must be accompanied by an adult with regular ticket. For safety reasons on ATC buses prams and pushchairs can travel free of charge and only if folded. In case the bus is provided with a wheelchair compartment, prams / pushchairs can be left open and placed in that area if not already occupied. Should a passenger in a wheelchair get on the bus, the pram / pushchair will have to be removed and folded in order to leave the compartment free; if not, the passenger will have to get off the bus and will not be refunded.

FREE CIRCULATION FOR VISUALLY-IMPAIRED PEOPLE: Visually-impaired passengers allowed to use our buses free of charge are the “totally blind” ( who can not see at all or with a residual eyesight inferior to 3%) and they must carry a medical certificate stating their conditions. Visually-impaired passengers which fall into the category “partially- blind” ( with a residual eyesight of not more than 1/20 either in both eyes or the best of them even after an operation; or residual eyesight inferior to 10%) are allowed to use our buses free of charge with our special personal ATC card “ “Visually-impaired”. Visually-impaired passengers which fall into the category of “ severe visually-impaired” (with a residual eyesight of not more than 1/10 either in both eyes or the best of them even after an operation; or residual eyesight inferior to 30%) are allowed to use our buses free of charge with our special personal ATC card “ “Visually-impaired”. This special card is issued in our ticket offices in Piazza Chiodo in La Spezia and Piazza Terzi in Sarzana, upon presentation of a certificate by a doctor or the Association for visually-impaired people

ANIMALS ON BOARD: Small and medium-size dogs can travel free of charge on our buses, but must be held by the owners or put in dog holders. Guide dogs for visually-impaired people can also travel for free. Not aggressive big-size dogs can also board our buses with the following limitations in time: from 7.00 to 9.00, from 12.00 to 14.00. and from 17.00 to 19.00: their owner must purchase a ticket for them. The owners of big-size dogs must be capable of keeping the animal. All dogs entering the bus must be provided with a muzzle and when not held by the owner or put in a dog holder , they must be kept on a short leash. They can not take seats and must not disturb other bus passengers. Whenever a dog causes damages or dirties the premises, the owner will have to pay for the damage. In case the bus is full of passengers, the bus driver can decide not to allow the animal on board.

BAGGAGE: Baggage not bigger than cm 50x30x25 and 10 kos. of weight, small musical instruments, fishing rods, ski, can be brought on the bus free of charge and each passenger can bring maximum 1 item. Bigger items, up to cm 80x45x25 but lighter than 20 kos. can be brought on the bus by purchasing a valid ticket and each passenger can bring maximum two items. Baggage on buses must not cause damages or inconvenience to other passengers. Dangerous items or causing inconvenience to other passengers are not allowed. In case the bus is full of passengers, the driver can decide to limit partially or completely the transport of baggage.


On the bus passengers are requested to behave properly to guarantee their safety and others’. It is forbidden to talk to the driver and occupy his the space in any way, to lean on the doors or windows, to lean out of the windows, to put one’s hands near the doors or in the windows’ track, to put one’s feet on the seats. It is forbidden to stand in the way of passengers getting on and off the bus. It is forbidden to cause damage to the bus. When one of the above-mentioned requirements is not met, the passenger will be held responsible for possible damages, especially:
a) on ATC buses it is forbidden to disturb or offend the driver and / or other passengers and to cause damage or dirty the bus itself. It is therefore forbidden to use foul language, to swear, to beg, to unauthorized vend, to sing and / or play, to clamour, to use transistor radios, to advertise even if for charity without the Company’s authorization.
b) Passengers disturbing other people in any way on the bus or causing damage to the bus itself must be let out of the bus and have no right to get a refund of their ticket; wherever necessary the driver can call the Police for support.
c) The driver must fill in a form and provide the Company with a detailed report of the event and whenever possible name and address of the offender and details of witnesses when applicable.
d) The Company does not refund damages to people and/or items if the driver has not been informed at the moment of the happening, therefore passengers suffering a damage on one of our buses must promptly report it to the driver
1) Passengers can get on the bus only by standing at the bus stops along the routes characterized by our signposts.
2) The bus stops only if the passengers waiting at the bus stop signal their intention to get on to the driver clearly.
3) Stops are always on request. Passengers must show their intention to stop the bus by putting up their arm and to get off the bus by pushing the provided button. 4) Always hold on to the hand supports while the bus is moving.

For safety reasons it is forbidden to board the vehicle with any type of electric scooter and segways, even if folded.

SERVICE GUARANTEE IN CASE OF STRIKE: In case a strike is called out for the whole day, the bus service will be guaranteed from 6.00 to 9.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00

REFUNDS AND COMPENSATIONS: ATC ESERCIZIO’s insurance company refunds damages to people or items happened on buses. To ask for a refund the passenger must report the damage to the bus driver immediately, give him his name, address and telephone number and ask for the Insurance Company’s data so as to be able to contact them and activate the compensation procedure. To read more about refund procedures check our Carta Della Mobilità (Information about the Company) on our website.

LOST PROPERTIES: ATC Esercizio can not be held responsible for losses on board of our buses. It is possible to check if items left behind on our buses have been found by going to our agency in La Spezia – Piazza Chiodo.

FINES (check the dedicated section)

You can use our buses ONLY if in possession of a valid ticket, which must be stamped upon entering the bus. The driver is entitled to check tickets and not allow someone on the bus if their ticket is not valid. Tickets must be presented to ATC ESERCIZIO personnel upon each request. ATC ESERCIZIO inspectors are Officials: passengers must give their correct details ( art. 651 c.p.). Whenever passengers are found without a proper ticket, not properly validated or invalid, they must pay for the value of the ticket itself in addition to the fines foreseen by the Regional Law 36 issued on 06/11/2012, which follows.