Services for Tourism

Cinque Terre

ATC Esercizio offers tourists and people living in the Cinque Terre area an efficient bus service  in respect of the environment and the way people live within the local architecture. Valid only on the 5 Terre ATC buses: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Timetables valid until 2 November 2023. The Park of Cinque Terre applies the same […]

Shuttle bus service in Lerici

Service from 11 june: Blue Line (the classic one already in force and departing from San Terenzo) and Green Line which connects Pugliola and Pozzuolo with Lerici. We publish the timetables of both shuttles and the two maps of the route. LINEA BLU – SHUTTLE BUS SAN TERENZO LERICI LINEA VERDE – SHUTTLE BUS SANTERENZO […]

Shuttle bus service in Porto Venere

Attention: from 3 November 2022 service suspended for the winter period. In Portovenere from April 2022 the “Girobus del Cavo” service will resume, connecting the Cavo area (where the “Il Golfo” car park is also located) with the village center. The service will be carried out according to the following schedule: Below we publish the […]